Mariana Pelaez / Graphic Designer


Hi I'm Mariana Pelaez!

I am a graphic designer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Currently, I am working full-time as an in-house designer for the University of Minnesota Libraries and part-time as a freelancer on various projects. It's been one year (already?!) since I graduated with a BFA in graphic design and minor in mass communications from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Still learning some of the basics of post-grad life but I am looking forward to everything the design world has to offer me. 

My passion for design began at age 12 with my introduction to Myspace where I enjoyed creating layouts and editing photos and videos in my spare time.

Throughout my college career I have put on many different hats as a designer, ranging from creating informational graphics at the Minnesota Daily to designing promotional materials for the University's Student Unions & Activities. In post-grad life, I have worked on various projects aside from my full-time gig, including designing posters for First Avenue and curating Spotify playlists along with designing playlist cover art for The Riveter Magazine. Through my experiences, I have found that my favorite branches of graphic design lie in the promotional and editorial realms.

When I am not designing, you will either find me dancing like a fool at a concert, spending way too much money at a record store or eating cheese while binge-watching Netflix (currently re-watching 30 Rock for the billionth time).